Sewing Lessons

Today I enjoyed giving a second lesson to my thirteen year old grand-daughter. She completed a pair of shorts. I was rather impressed with how she researched on the ‘net what she wanted to make, and it meant I was on a learning curve too, interpreting the pattern on the go. There’s no doubt that technology has brought so much more to our door step. I say this because I learnt to sew using pen and paper and drafting patterns to cut out the material.

One key tool was introduced today – a sewers must have – the quick unpick! We used it to re-align and widen the top hem for the elastic. Hey presto! All smiles as the shorts- come-swirly skirt were finished and fitted nicely.

Our second garment was a boob tube from a piece of heavy knit stretch fabric. As we only had an early model Janome sewing machine for use, (it was her great Aunt’s) the stretch knit didn’t fair too well with the limited range of stitches and its rather ancient temperament skipped a few zigs and zags. But once again there were smiles with a finished product.

I thought it was finished however my student is very creative and has a prospective designer future. From the limited pile of fabric she had at hand she pulled a lightweight silky length and demonstrated how she would add it to create a longer top. Next time we get together I believe she will have it finished and already have worn it.





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