Learning more than sewing – embroidery

As I grew through childhood I was taught to embroider by hand. A fairly wide range of stitches were under my belt by the time I was a teen.  I took the skills from home to school and created a petticoat with an embroidered bluebird in a circle placed around the hemline. It took much longer to complete than many others’ projects but I was very proud of how pretty it looked!

Cushion covers with patterns ready to embroider were expensive. I have no idea how Mum managed to buy some. The first one I used till the stitches wore away! It was a Dutch boy and girl in clogs and national costume.

I completed doyleys and dressing table sets as well as runners. These were used and I still have some. A photo will be added soon of a Semco runner.

Mum, my Aunty (sisters) and my Nanna all knew how to embroider. They’d made their Glory Boxes or Hope Chests by hand, and knew many fascinating stitches. The most intriguing one I learnt was the French Knot and then making it long enough to call it a Slug Stitch!

Over the years I’ve acquired a number of items from my Aunt and also from my grandmother on Dad’s side. She was a real whizz at filling in complex patterns. Perhaps I haven’t mixed in circles that continue this art, but I still love it and have a number of unfinished items waiting for attention. This is more of a hobby interest, but I know my work is exhibition standard as I took out a few prizes at the local show.







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